Fence Services

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Fence Solutions

We offer fence services, solutions and installations with a wide variety of fencing choices.  Dfenz is here to take care of all your needs because we are a full service fence company that provides experience, service and competitive prices.  We do professional installations for homeowners and businesses.   We can customize your needs and offer fences for every budget!

Vinyl Fences

There are a variety of benefits to vinyl fencing; its low maintenance properties and its resistance to weather and damage.  Vinyl or PVC fencing has gained popularity because there is no need to stain, paint, or seal.

 Vinyl fencing is one of the best choices for homeowners with busy lives who simply don’t have the time or be bothered with painting, staining and finishing.  Homeowners often choose vinyl fence panels as a substitute for traditional wooden fencing.

Vinyl fencing holds up against many weather conditions that are a threat to wood.  Vinyl fences are not susceptible to moisture damage and will not rot or splinter nor crack or warp due to changes in temperature and precipitation.  With vinyl fencing you don’t have to worry about termites or other insects which like to nest in wood fence panels.


Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are an attractive, modern feature for any yard. In addition to being a highly recyclable metal, aluminum does not rust. Dfenz has a wide range of aluminum fences for pools, security, and decorative use.  Choose from a variety of ornate pickets that look fashionable and simple.  Aluminum fences offer beauty and security.






Wood Fences

Dfenz installs wood fences that add a natural flair to homes.  We offer a variety of options of wood fence styles as well as a choice between the most popular and durable materials available.

Styles of Wood Fences: Board on board fences offer privacy as well as durability.  Spaced board fences include the picket fence as well as semi-privacy fences.  Post and rail fences, also known as split rail fences (historically seen on farms) have gained popularity for homes.

Wood Fence Materials: Pressure Treated Pine and Cedar



Pool Safety Gates

Pool safety gates can make a difference when protecting your children.  These pool gates are durable, secure and cost effective. They are removable and the lightweight mesh material can easily be rolled up for convenient storage.





Tennis Court Fences

Chain link fences are an integral part of most tennis courts. The primary purpose of your tennis court fencing system is to keep the tennis balls contained within the court and to protect your court from vandalism.  We install or repair a damaged link fence.